Women in security: Cultures, incentives that promote retention

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Women in security Cultures, incentives that promote retention
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Women in security Cultures, incentives that promote retention

In order to attract and retain highly qualified candidates who possess a combination of emotional and technical intelligence, enterprises need to look at their corporate cultures and offer more than monetary incentives. Women in security are inclined to stay in positions where the enterprise encourages a healthy work-life balance, offers equal pay for equal work, and provides mentor programs.

The 2015 r (ISC)2 report, Women in Security: Wisely Positioned for the Future of InfoSec, found “pairing new InfoSec hires with mentors, and, as the survey described, adapting compensation plans and training to better align with the flexible working arrangements and diverse training options women expressed as important in retaining and engaging InfoSec professionals.”

The field of information security traditionally has been dominated by well-educated and highly technical men. The study, however, found that because the future of InfoSec will demand an increased need for managing business risk, “Women, therefore, have positioned themselves wisely in an InfoSec profession that should not be defined by sheer headcount, but in the roles of those that are shaping the future practice of InfoSec.”

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