Smart Guns: How Close Are We Really?

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  • 3 years ago

SEATTLE — If today’s technological revolution can save lives on American roadways and in hospitals, then maybe new technologies like biometric palm readers can put a dent in the nation’s 30,000 annual gun deaths.

That was the premise of the Seattle Smart Gun Symposium held in downtown Seattle on Jan. 28. Hosted by the Washington Technology Industry Association and anti-gun violence group Washington CeaseFire, the event showcased speakers from advocacy groups, smart gun device manufacturers, law enforcement, media and politics.

Washington CeaseFire President Ralph Fascitelli began by informing a room of about 100 attendees that gun deaths are “perhaps our nation’s most toxic public health plague,” and that searching for a technological solution is a “no-brainer.” Panelists and audience members spoke passionately about smart guns in an American nation that leads first-world nations in handgun deaths, behind only a handful of South and Central American nations.


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