Review: Three Mass Storage Devices For The SMB

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  • 3 years ago

Welcome to Storage Week 2015, CRN’s annual look at storage solutions for the SMB and the opportunities they present for resellers. Network-attached storage devices offer potential service revenues for MSPs and VARs from the initial installation and configuration; creation and maintenance of user accounts and groups; ongoing moves, adds and changes; upgrades to drive capacities, memory and services; and from maintenance of network backups and other administrative tasks.

Though features vary from one product to the next, these services remain fairly constant. So in addition to our evaluation of the setup and maintenance processes for each device, we also tested their performance. For the NAS devices, we connected each to our test network and configured it from a high-end workstation. Then we launched IOmeter, tuned it for maximum performance for the device under test and ran our standard battery of tests that measure rates of transaction processing and data transfer. For the direct-attached storage device, which was designed for Apple computers, we measured performance using XBench, a freeware utility developed by Spiny Software.

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