Is It time to re-evaluate your BYOD policy?

Written by Cio
Is It time to re-evaluate your BYOD policy
  • Cio
  • 3 years ago
Is It time to re-evaluate your BYOD policy

The rise in BYOD has left businesses struggling to manage the growing number of access points across their systems. A recent study conducted by Bitglass found that 57 percent of employees and 38 percent of IT professionals don’t participate in their company’s BYOD program due to privacy concerns, that corporate leadership would have too much visibility into the end user’s personal data.

Of course, that doesn’t stop employees from using their own devices, circumventing official policy. And when your employees are ignoring your BYOD strategy, it means something isn’t working and the time has come to re-evaluate your plan.

How can you tell if your employees have gone rogue with their personally owned devices and put corporate data at risk?

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