IRS searches for new authentication measures in wake of huge data breach

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  • 3 years ago


The IRS, its inspector general and private security experts told the Senate Tuesday that the fundamental cybersecurity safeguards the agency used for the web portal involved in a massive heist of taxpayer data have probably outlived their usefulness.

In hindsight, that assessment might seem self-evident given the fact that an organized criminal syndicate bypassed the checkpoints and stole data from 104,000 taxpayers.

But it leaves the agency pondering several vexing questions over what to do next, including how it can deliver secure online services without making the sign-up process so cumbersome that no will use it, how it can it verify taxpayer identities without collecting and storing data that would provoke objections from members of Congress who are already highly-suspicious of the IRS, and how to offer a decent online experience via data systems built decades ago.

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