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Accompanying the big data craze is a new lexicon all its own. We identify and dissect some of the key terms and buzzwords.

When popular trends emerge, be it in the business world or elsewhere, it seems inevitable that along with said trend comes a vernacular of its own, language that is best understood by those who have the closest association. Such is the case in the world of big data as well.

As the popularity of data analytics has proliferated across the business world, so too has the language spoken by the practitioners. So for those somewhat new to the game or simply looking to bone up on the latest terms and slang, let us identify and attempt to explain the latest and greatest in Big Data buzzwords:

Big data

First, let’s analyze the popular (or notorious) term itself, “big data.” What does it really mean? There isn’t a clear definition, but overall the term is usually used to refer to the great amount of data that organizations have access to and that has the potential to be put to “good” use.

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