Education officials want kids, teachers to be main players in ‘Games for Learning’

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  • 2 years ago

U.S. Educational Technology Director Richard Culatta shows a photo of a student playing a video game at the Games for Learning summit in New York City April 21, 2015. (Corinne Lestch/StateScoop)

New York — The entertainment games industry has a new market to serve – schools.

But how online and video games can transition from being played in kids’ bedrooms to their classrooms was the big question at the 12th annual Games for Learning summit, held Tuesday at New York University and sponsored by the Department of Education and Games for Change. The conference is held each year in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival.

“This is long overdue, to bridge education to games,” said Joseph South, deputy director of the Office of Educational Technology, during a keynote speech. “We are beyond the point when people are asking, ‘Is this relevant? Does it matter?’ We know it’s powerful and we are working to harness that power for good.”

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