Apple’s reveals new 12” retina-display MacBook

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It was a foregone conclusion that Apple would be releasing their Watch today at its event at the Yerba Buena Center, but we weren’t sure if there would be time for anything else (ha ha!). However, the company did in fact squeeze in something besides just their new timepieces: there are new MacBook Airs coming, as well.

Instead of going with a Broadwell i5 or i7 like with the MacBook Air, the new MacBook will start with a 1.1GHz Intel Core M that drinks 5W of power. It will come standard with 8GB of RAM, along with 256GB of solid state storage, and will start at $1299. An upgraded 1.2GHz Core M CPU (which will boost up to nearly 3Ghz under load) and 512MB of storage will run $1599. It is expected to start shipping on April 10, and even comes in three colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.

As rumored, The new MacBook—which appears to be called just that, the “MacBook”—features a 12” 2304×1440 pixel “Retina” display. The screen is .88mm thick and has a total of 3.3 million pixels. Unlike the MacBook Air, the MacBook’s display has glass on it, edge to edge.

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