Agencies Continue Data Center Consolidation Efforts

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Data Center Consolidation, Virtualization

Federal agencies consider end-to-end virtualization to optimize and consolidate their IT infrastructure.

Despite making good progress in consolidating its data centers and virtualizing servers, the State Department’s IT leaders are striving to do even better.

In recent years, the department eliminated 12 domestic data centers, mostly small server rooms within several scattered buildings, and consolidated them into four core data centers. In doing so, the IT staff deployed an Infrastructure as a Service private cloud and virtualized 62 percent of its servers. The goal is to reach 70 to 80 percent.

The department plans to consolidate five more noncore domestic data centers soon, and are also considering a Software as a Service cloud environment to streamline its applications, along with virtualizing its storage and network.

“You can always condense and consolidate more,” says Mark Benjapathmongkol, division chief of Enterprise Server Operation Centers at the State Department’s Bureau of Information Resource Management.

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