Adobe Flash: Kill it now

Written by Cio
Adobe Flash Kill it now
  • Cio
  • 2 years ago
Adobe Flash Kill it now
Some programs — cough Windows cough — are full of security bugs, but they’re so popular we can’t get rid of them. That is why Adobe Flash continues to be widely used. But it could be that the end is near at last for the bug-ridden multimedia platform.

Flash, of course, though widely used, is also vehemently hated in some quarters. Steve Jobs famously trashed Flash twice. First, in 2008, he said that Flash for desktops and notebooks “performs too slow to be useful” on the iPhone, and the mobile version “is not capable of being used with the Web.” Then, far more famously, in 2010, he declared that Flash wasn’t good enough for iPhones and he wouldn’t have it in his devices.

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